Pilates with Lara

Pilates with Lara


What is Pilates? ……Such a simple question and yet so difficult for us to answer, because Pilates is so many great health and fitness benefits all rolled into one.

To answer it, I’m going to steal the words of one of my favourite Pilates Master teachers, Alycea Ungaro.

She recently replied that Pilates is ‘Your total health insurance policy’ and this is why:

  • It is our Cardio workout – we work up a sweat. That is important because Heart Disease is a real concern.
  • It is our coordination training, our balance training and our postural training.
  • It is our Strength training – we work until our muscles shake and tremor. That is important because we lose a little muscle mass every year, as we age.
  • It is our mental workout – because the intense concentration that is required to execute a proper workout, leaves you free of any stress.

Class Trainer

Lara McMurrough

Teaching a classic style of Pilates, Lara utilizes props to assist and challenge her clients and to ensure the routines are varied and interesting. Structuring her class routines to create a constant interplay between Pilates exercises designed to build stamina, sculpt, strengthen and tone and those designed to improve flexibility, she offers a whole body workout which is perfectly balanced. Lara teaches group matwork classes and also works privately with clients on a one to one basis. Her classes are fun, friendly and challenging.

to book in with Lara just call her on 087 7466 086

Class Hours


11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Call to Book you mat space:

087 7466 086