Morning Yoga ~ Slow Vinyasa

Morning Yoga ~ Slow Vinyasa

Slow paced Yoga class with focus on body alignment, breath and an understandimg of each pose and its purpose.
We will take our time in each pose to slowly wake up the body and mind getting it ready for the day ahead. The aim is a simple yoga practice with smooth transitions and uncomplicated flows so we can enjoy each pose and have time to feel the benefits of the practice on our body.
From my class you can expect connection, progression, exploration, discovery, and a
bit of challenge and lots of fun!

This class is suitable for all levels and total beginners are very welcome.

Teacher Name: Elsa Rodrigues

contact number: 0831874154 (bookings through here)

Schedule: Tuesdays 7.45am to 8:30am
Duration: 45 min

Price: โ‚ฌ55 for the 4 weeks Dropins: โ‚ฌ15 class

Class Trainer

Elsa Rodrigues

I always wanted to be a teacher and with the passion that I have for movement it was natural to do a Degree in Physical Education, I started teaching PE and gymnastics in 2005 and a few years later I got interested in fitness and I started to teach classes in Gyms.
Started to teach Yoga in 2012, and since then my passion for teaching never stopped growing.
I feel that when I teach, I am present in the moment, my only focus are the students and the practice.
From my classes you can expect challenge, connection, progression, exploration, discovery and a bit of fun!ย 

Class Hours


07.45 – 08.30

Elsa Rodrigues