Maternity Reflexology Workshop

Maternity Reflexology Workshop

Overview of Maternity Course:

This course will educate Reflexologists in all aspects of normal pregnancy, birth and postpartum and familiarise therapists in contraindications, cautions and complications of pregnancy and when to refer.

Reflexologists will be able to confidently support the pregnant client as she goes through the physical, mental and emotional changes of pregnancy as well as
support the many common symptoms associated with pregnancy.

Overview of pregnancy:

 4 Trimesters of pregnancy (1 st , 2 nd 3 rd and post partum)
 Mapping the pregnancy on the feet
 Reflexology points relevant to all stages of the pregnancy
 Acupressure points to support pregnancy and labour
 Acupressure points to avoid during pregnancy.
 Contraindications, cautions and complications
 Consultation form/pregnancy condition checklist
 Client positioning and why
 Aftercare advice
 Legal & Ethical position of Reflexologist
Introducing the Endocrine System
 Benefits of this system
 Where these points are mapped on the feet
 Special attention will be given to the stages of labour and the role of
oxytocin in pregnancy and labour

Students will gain an understanding of the common conditions that
can present during pregnancy, such as:

 Fatigue
 Anaemia
 Morning sickness
 Heartburn
 Constipation
 Gestational (Pregnancy) Diabetes
 Backache
 Sciatica
 Symphysis Pubis
 Anxiety
 Skin problems- rashes, itch, stretch marks
 Respiratory
 Urinary issues
 Restless leg
 Oedema
 Placenta Previa
 Breech Baby
Conditions to be avoided or referred to Obstetric Caregiver.

The day will be a mixture of theory and practical and questions and discussion.

Aims: The Learner will be able to support the maternity client with Reflexology through all trimesters of Pregnancy.  The course will cover common conditions of pregnancy throughout the 3 trimesters including the normal physiology of change for the mother and the developing baby.     

The learner will have a greater understanding of pregnancy and how to apply reflexology to specific conditions, thereby supporting the mother and baby.    

Theory: The student must have a good knowledge of A&P of female reproductive system, as evidenced by prior qualification.

During the course, there will be discussion of the reproductive system of the female, the hormones involved in pregnancy and common conditions to be aware of.

Throughout the course there will be discussion on how Reflexology can help the client, as well as the need to recognise and signpost the client for additional support, if required.

Contraindications will be discussed and recorded using a pregnancy check list, to ensure the therapist can identify conditions which can and cannot be supported by the reflexologist and the importance of sign posting when needed to the obstetric care giver.

Class Trainer

dorothy kelly level 5 reflexology diploma teacher
Dorothy Kelly

Is the Prinicpal of the Academy, Dorothy has a background in the NHS with 46 years, working at management level both in primary and secondary care. She is a highly qualified Reflexologist and Naturopathic Consultant of 19+ years experience and is a notable local trainer, achieving the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DiEAT) to ensure professional teaching of CPD and the Level 5 course while continuing in her private practice clinics in Belfast and Dromore .
Her Fertility Course is the first standalone course to be approved by CThA as well as recognised by FHT in the UK.

Dorothy has a strong desire to raise the profile and standard of Reflexology in Ireland and has facilitated CPD courses by other notable reflexology educators from the mainland providing up to date relevant post graduate training over the past few years.

June 29th

10:00am – 5:00pm