Kundalini Innerdance 2 Day Retreat

Kundalini Innerdance 2 Day Retreat

I invite you to feel the powerful transformative flow of Kundalini energy with the support of non-dual tantric wisdom, somatic movement, voice and energy work, to heal, discover your ecstasy and elevate your consciousness.

What can you expect? 

  • Tap into the body’s wisdom, intuition, higher consciousness/source 
  • Open to the heart’s true desire and new possibilities
  • Uncover, unblock, rewrite, release tension, trauma, limiting beliefs
  • Undo conditioning & fear through this flow of energy

What happens in a journey?

  • You lie down, do nothing, relax and let go
  • I play music that encourages different brainwave frequencies, or states of consciousness
  • I guide with voice, energetic and physical touch to open your life force through presence, resonance and transmission

Experiences include:

  • Spontaneous ecstatic, healing or meditative movement
  • Emotional catharsis/release
  • Energy flow and energy healing
  • Visuals like mandalas, lights, colours or guides
  • Divine revelation

Day 1 explores solo journeys and learning to support energy flow in partner journeys and practices, creating a safe space to go beyond ego and conditioning. 

Day 2 includes solo journeys, alternating between giving and receiving, as well as group flow experiences anchoring transformative energy to daily life. You will  learn how to own shadow and light, using sound, movement, and emotional release to reveal your true bliss.

Feeling called but money is the issue?

Money shouldn’t be in the way of you experiencing joy and healing, that’s why you can save your spot by paying the deposit (the rest of the amount is due 3 days before the retreat).

Life changing experience… 

I am continuing to work through the changes it has brought around for me and will continue to… feel the benefits … 

I am lighter,  freer and more connected to me, others and the universe.. that is money well spent in my book!  

Hannah Armstrong, N. Ireland


“Your inner dance opened a portal in me… of allowing myself more to be who I am.

I felt… It’s safe to show me as my natural self…include all expressions that my body wants to express… A healing and empowering experience…”

Ellen Van Gorp, Belgium


“Such a beautiful, blissful, deep, juicy, wild, RAW experience. Rachael is an absolutely gorgeous soul, so full of life force energy, and an amazing facilitator. I recommend this experience with every fibre of my being…If you are feeling called at all….

just do it, you won’t regret it.”


Ruth McGilligan, N. Ireland


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I can’t wait to connect with you there.

Please reply to rachael@rachaelnitya.com if you have any questions – I am here. 

Embracing all that arises,

Rachael Nitya

Workshop Facilitator

Rachael Nitya

Hi! I’m Rachael Nitya.

I’m here to share with you that you are powerful beyond your wildest dreams, and that intimacy, love and life can be amazing!


My work is deeply focused on compassion, consent, empowerment and embodiment. It is based on my certificate in sexological bodywork. I also use teachings and practices from my trainings in yoga (500h certified teacher), kundalini activation and tantra, studies in NVC and IFS, as well as deep foundations in the arts (BA Theatre & MA Performance Studies). 

Class Hours

May 18th and 19th

11:00am – 7:00pm