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Embrace the Space for Pure Potential

Embrace the Space for Pure Potential

Essential Feng Shui

Embrace the space for pure potential

Saturday 7th May 2016

With Edel Cleary


 Exploring the essence of fengshui, creating space for your life to unfold.


The essential alchemy of fengshui—first creating space. Through clearing out what is no longer supporting your true self,then cleansing and blessing the energy of your home youcreate the space to draw in your pure potential.

Building on the foundations of fengshui, the alchemy of clutter clearing and the essential elements of space clearing. We explore the importance of first making space, opening up a portal, for what you wish to draw in.

Experience the use of sound, blessing herbs and essential oils to cleanse, bless and enrich your environment—your outer skin.

Explore the importance of the gap—that sacred space, between outbreath and inbreath—taking time to set your intention. This is the key, the essential core of fengshui.

Allow yourself this time to pause, and clear out fully, in order to embrace your space and ignite the spark of your pure potential!

When:- Saturday May 7th

Time:- 10am to 6pm

Where:- River Holistic Centre, Main Street, Raheny

Your investment: – €90

Early Bird:- Book and Pay in full before April 9th – €81

BOOKING ESSENTIAL- for further information contact edel@fengshuidesign.ie 086-2719292


With Edel Cleary – Interior Designer, Feng Shui Practitioner and Colour Consultant

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