Elsa Rodriguse

Hi there 

I’m Elsa I’m originally from Portugal and I’ve moved to Ireland in 2014 following love.
I believe that the body is built for movement and when we move, we feel good. Movement is natural to all of us. If we observe a child, how they love movement and how they experience their own body by moving it becomes very clear that we are made to move.
Somehow, along the way most of us lose this excitement about movement. Yoga can bring it back!
This is one of many reasons I love yoga, the practice gives me a ‘forever exploration’ and permanent discovery about my body, mind and soul. For me growth is forever!
I was an energetic child and now, I am an energetic adult but through Yoga I’ve learned how to use my energy in my favour, I’ve learned how to control my power. Yoga didn’t change my essence it just helped the best of me to surface more often.
I did gymnastics since a young age, played sports, I just couldn’t stay still, so I canalised the energy since young age to physical activity.
In my first yoga practice in 2010, I remember being so nervous, it’s like I knew that day would be one of the most important days of my life. I was amazed how you can feel so many sensations and benefits from just one class… and never stopped doing Yoga!
Everything can change around me, and it probably will, but the relationship that I have with my mat is permanent, my practice is there for me whether I feel good, bad or not feel at all.
I always wanted to be a teacher and with the passion that I have for movement it was natural to do a Degree in Physical Education, I started teaching PE and gymnastics in 2005 and a few years later I got interested in fitness and I started to teach classes in Gyms.
Started to teach Yoga in 2012, and since then my passion for teaching never stopped growing.
I feel that when I teach, I am present in the moment, my only focus are the students and the practice.
From my classes you can expect challenge, connection, progression, exploration, discovery and a bit of fun! 

Take Care and Hope to see you soon

Morning Yoga ~ Slow Vinyasa

What is it?

Slow paced Yoga class with focus on body alignment, breath and an understandimg of each pose and its purpose.
We will take our time in each pose to slowly wake up the body and mind getting it ready for the day ahead. The aim is a simple yoga practice with smooth transitions and uncomplicated flows so we can enjoy each pose and have time to feel the benefits of the practice on our body.
From my class you can expect  connection, progression, exploration, discovery, and a
bit of challenge and lots of fun!

This class is suitable for all levels and total beginners are very welcome.

Class times and bookings

Morning Yoga ~ Slow vinyasa is on every Tuesday from 7:45 to 8:30am

To book contact Elsa directly on 0831874154