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Divine Feminine Healing Circle

Divine Feminine Healing Circle

Divine Feminine Healing Circle
Freeing up Freedom

with Ashling – Rise Spirit Soul

Sunday April 22nd
10:00 – 13:00
at the River Room
River Holistic Centre
Price €80

Freeing up Freedom is a high energy day involving connecting with our
life purpose.

Our souls are crying out for more freedom in other to connect with
something big. Do you feel a block, a pause, a diversion in place that
you can’t put your finger on, or can but are not sure what step to take
forward with it.

Some Divine projects / plans are in the infancy stage but lets give them
and us a blast of energy to free ourselves and propel ourselves forward.
Let’s nurture ourselves and our purpose.

In this time together we will work with the energies of:
Ascended Master Hina
Ascended Master Pan
Ascended Master Horus
Spirit Guide Maureen (my Human Mother & Healing Spirit Guide)

We will also be calling in all your own personal Spirit Guides, Female
Ancestors and many other Angelic and Higher Beings.

There will be some chatting, chanting, meditation, healing restorative
style yoga, self healing and hands on healing and channeling through me.
More details on this day to follow by email on confirmation of space.

I’m very excited and grateful to be holding space for us to come
together to Rise Up in Spirit and Soul and shine our Feminine Sister

In Light