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Design your dreams 2021

Design your dreams 2021

We all know what kind of a year 2020 was? It tested us all to our limits, it purged out density, 2020 did its job beautifully of waking us up to what is important. It awakened the planet, it raised our consciousness and our vibration.

It’s time we celebrated what we’ve been through together the last year, and let it go and also prepare for what 2021 has in store for us!

Allow me to take you on a journey together, lets gather together!

Within a few days of Sarah’s last Manifesting workshop people where experiencing:

  • Sums of money coming from NOWHERE.
  • FREE trips to Bali.
  • Their dream job opportunities!
  • Meeting their romantic partners

Our thoughts and emotions create our reality. We have the ability to create and manifest a life of our dreams.

Anyone who knows Sarah knows how much of a manifesting magician she is, having created her dream life, home, relationships & career using the power of the law of attraction and powerful visualization techniques. Many people say Sarah is ‘Lucky’, but its not luck. Everyone has the ability to create. Sarah can help you with the tools!

The New year is a time of new beginnings, manifesting & creating. This energy is amplified for manifesting, Sarah will guide you to draw in the energy of the New Year 2021, as we step into the Age of Light!

This 4 hour gathering and ceremony includes:

  • Clearing energetic blocks to creating your dreams.
  • Intuitive Energy Healing.
  • Law of Attraction tools/teachings.
  • Creating your dream board/book.
  • Raising your vibration to manifest!
  • Creative Visualization Meditation.
  • Grounding and planting your dreams.
  • Believing in your dreams
  • Worthiness!
  • Manifesting with LOVE
  • Fire Ceremony to release 2020
  • Light Ceremony to welcome in 2021
  • Cacao Ceremony to open our hearts to our dream life!

Do you want to create your ideal career? Soulmate relationship? Conceive a baby? Manifest your dream home? Create financial abundance? Then this workshop is for you!

Do you want to feel more aligned, centred, powerful and happy – this is for you!

Are you ready to release 2020 and all of the energy it brought to create space for 2021!

When people come together with the same purpose – to manifest, our magnetic energy is AMPLIFIED!

Date: 3rd of January 2021 10am to 2pm

Book in : www.sarahrichardson.ie

Investment €111