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Create Your Vision Workshop

Create Your Vision Workshop

2016 create your vision
So it’s heading towards the end of 2015, how has your year been so far? Pretty Good? Not quiet what you expected? Made any resolutions, or can you even remember? Want 2016 to be more fulfilling?

Join us for this special extended new years workshop to create your vision for 2016. We will explore a variety of different techniques to enable you to set a year of success up for yourself. We will explore our beliefs and desires using yoga, meditation, breathwork, coaching techniques and principles from the law of attraction.

By the end of January Christmas and New Years celebrations often seems like a distant memory, and ‘real life’ has set in- work schedules, family commitments, to do lists… so on the 31st of January we will commence this journey of creating the new, just as spring is ready to bloom.

This four hour workshop will give you the opportunity to assess your current life experiences, and to gain clarity on what it is that you would like to fill your 2016 with.
This workshop offers you the opportunity to:
•Reflect on your 2015 achievements and look towards what you would like to extend into your year ahead.
•Stretch your body and mind with Dru & Yin yoga to release any blocked energy, and focus your vision for 2016.
•Set your intentions whilst learning about the principles of the law of attraction.
•Develop an awareness around the philosophy of manifesting and create a vision board to keep you focused on your intentions for the year ahead.
•Identify limiting beleifs that may not be aligined with your vision through a variety of coaching techniques.
•Explore meditation & breath-work to focus your energy and intentions to create your vision for 2016.
“You create your thoughts,
your thoughts create your intentions,
and your intentions create your reality.”

— Dr. Wayne Dyer


Day: Sunday the 31st of Janaury 2016.

Time: 2-6pm

Location: River Holistic Centre, Raheny.
This workshop will be limited to 8 people.

The investment for this 4 hour workshop is €75, however a limited time early bird fee will apply.

An early bird fee of €60 is available for all places booked by the 22nd of January 2016.

For Booking please follow link below: