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Counselling/Low Cost Counselling

Counselling/Low Cost Counselling

Counselling/Low Cost Counselling

Mairead is offering a limited number of low-cost Counselling sessions on a Monday morning, and is also offering one to one counselling therapy sessions on an on-call basis.

Mairead is a pre-accredited registered member of the Irish Association of Counselling and psychotherapy IACP since 2015, and holds a Professional Diploma in Humanistic Counselling which is IACP Approved. Mairead also holds a Higher-level Diploma in Bio Energy Therapy and in addition Mairead is also a Reiki Master.

 I offer one to one counselling in a warm, safe, authentic, non-judgmental space. I work from a person-centred approach. My philosophy of counselling begins with a willingness to enter into a client’s experience alongside them. I have an authentic listening heart that desires to see people live as whole and healthy individuals

 I believe counselling is a journey of self-discovery, and through counselling the client and the therapist work together to explore the client’s inner world.  The goal is to increase self-awareness and by so doing facilitate change in the client’s life. I think the true key to healing is held in self-awareness, as when something is in our awareness, we can gain a new perspective around it. Counselling can empower clients to shift long term patterns or ways of being that no longer serve them and create choice in their lives.

 I work with clients on a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, grief and anger amongst many other life challenges and emotions..

I am committed to the highest degree of ethical practice including the IACP code of Ethics. I work form a non-directive personal centred approach and incorporate in other areas such as CBT, EFT and Holistic therapies.

Sessions cost… €60 and is 50 minutes long and is available on call.

Low-cost sessions are priced at €45 and are 50 minutes long and are available on a Monday morning.

Contact…. 086 329 6812




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