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Connected Kids™ Programme – level 1

Connected Kids™ Programme – level 1

Connected Kids™ Programme – level 1

This inspiring and interactive 1-day workshop will help you teach your children how to relax, feel calm and centred with mindfulness and meditation.

Taught by Lorraine Murray, an expert with over 14 years experience and author of 2 books ‘Calm Kids’ and ‘Connected Kids’, she’ll empower you with skills and the knowledge to teach children and teens of all ages how to meditate.

Lorraine has worked extensively with all age groups and will bring this into the course, along with her experience of working with children on the autistic spectrum, who have ADHD or other special needs.

Meditation Benefits to children/teens

Teaching kids meditation helps them to develop their creativity, emotional intelligence and self esteem.   It is especially helpful for reducing anxiety, stress and sleep issues.

Should you learn how to teach children mindfulness?

If you are a parent, professional, educator or a carer who wants to help children feel calmer and centered – then yes.

The course  provides you with a solid foundation – teaching you how to develop bespoke meditations that suit the needs of your children; whether for personal use or (if already working with children)  to take mindfulness and meditation into your professional practice.

Connected Kids™ Programme – level 1

This course will help you:-

  • Understand how stress affects the mind, body and emotions
  • Learn how meditation can be a powerful antidote to stress and anxiety in all ages.
  • Learn how to create meditation scripts for any age/ability of child/teen
  • Develop your confidence in delivering meditations to children
  • Understand the differences between meditation and mindfulness
  • Learn to tune in to your child’s needs so you can deliver the most healing meditations for children/teens
  • Learn how to set up a meditation space suitable for children (from toddlers + to teens)
  • Understand the differences in teaching children meditation of different ages


The Teaching Kids Meditation course cost includes:

Dates of next course: 16th June 2017