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Connected Kids

Connected Kids

Connected Kids  – Learn to Teach Children Meditation Accredited course (IICT)


Sat and Sun October 31st and Nov 1st (9.30AM TO 5PM)

Where? River Holistic Centre, 10 Main Street, Raheny, Dublin 5

 What is Connected Kids?
Founded by author, Lorraine Murray, this course is based on her years of research and experience and will show you how to teach children meditation and mindfulness.

During the course you will be shown how to develop a toolbag of meditation ideas,  how to produce meditations for all ages of children/teens and how to develop techniques for children with ADHD, Autism or special needs.

Our experience clearly demonstrates that there are real benefits for children when they regularly practise meditation:

  • Balance stress
  • Helps improve sleep
  • Help focus and concentration
  • Reduce physical and mental tension
  • Reduce anxiety (exams/bullying)
  • Help them cope with change
  • Improve self esteem

This course is suitable for parents, carers or educators/professionals working with children.

 What are the pre-requisites to training, how long does it take and what qualification will I receive?

Attendance at the level 1 course  is required or you can take the level 1 course online – details on www.teachchildrenmeditation.com)

This 2 day course is accredited by IICT and will enable you to work professionally and insured with children/teens.  

How can I learn more about Connected Kids?

For further information and an application form, please contact course tutor Lorraine Murray on  email info@teachchildrenmeditation.com or visit www.teachchildrenmeditation.com

What is the cost of training?

The fee for the 2 day course is €595 and includes a course manual and all assessments.  Early booking discounts are available – see website for details.  The level 1 course costs €175.