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Colour Energy and Feng Shui

Colour Energy and Feng Shui


October 20th 2018

Taking a closer look at the effects of Feng Shui and colour on our well being
with Edel Cleary, Interior Designer and Feng Shui
Practitioner www.fengshuidesign.ie 086-2719292

Feng Shui looks at the energetic connection between the homes we occupy and the energy of every area of our lives. We are in constant conversation with the spaces that we occupy, the aspect, quality of light, furniture layout
and decoration is constantly interacting with our energy field – for better or worse!

Colour effects us on every level
Feng Shui provides a prism through which we can view this relationship between our inner and outer skins (our homes). We look at the energy of your space and how to make sometimes, subtle changes to have an immediate effect on any area of our lives.  Colour effects us on every level, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is a powerful ally and a healing tool in creating atmospheres and a sense of well being in our living and working spaces.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • The basic elements of feng shui in a practical application for our living and working spaces.
  • We will also look at the energy of each colour of the spectrum, discussing how it effects us
    on every level physically, emotionally and energetically.
  • We will look at how best to use colour to create spaces that can uplift or energise or, conversely, calm and relax us depending on the space in question and our individual needs.
  • Colouring a space for a fashion reason is one thing but colouring your space so that it reflects you and the type of atmosphere you wish to generate is something quite different again.  Spend a day exploring the best use of feng shui and colour in our environment.

Having originally worked in alternative health therapies and beauty therapy for many years, Edel became more and more fascinated by the effects of our environment on health and wellbeing. In the 1990’s Edel studied Interior Design at the Dublin Institute of Design and Feng Shui at the Feng Shui Network International in London. In the course of the past 20 years, Edel has delved deeply into the world of colour and its impact on our sense of
wellbeing.  Whether you love bright bold colours or prefer a more neutral palette, you are being effected for better or worse by your environment. Some colours are stimulating and others are more calming, but it is the particular tint tone and shade of a colour and the quantity used that creates the magic.
“We shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us” Winston Churchill.


We will explore the world of feng shui and take a close look at each colour of the spectrum and view it energetically, ie how it makes us feel, emotionally, physically and even spiritually. We will delve deeply into the world of colour and explore how best to use it to create spaces that fully support our energy and sense of well being.

WHEN: Saturday 20th of October 10am to 5pm
WHERE: River Holistic Centre Raheny
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact edel@fengshuidesign.ie / 086-2719292