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Colour, creativity and enhancing joy with Feng Shui

Colour, creativity and enhancing joy with Feng Shui

In this class October 1st – Colour, creativity and enhancing joy with Feng Shui we explore the connection between the balance of our energetic centres and the balance of energy flow throughout our homes – which are essentially our outer skin. Our homes reflect back to us how balanced, or otherwise, our inner energy is. One mirrors the other. We will explore how creative use of colour, experienced as sensation, in our environment can influence how we feel about coming home, our sense of health and wellbeing and even how physically energetic and optimistic we feel on a day to day basis.

Take the area of creativity for example, expanding this energy, allows us to fully express our potential, our joy. Being child-like in our approach to our creativity releases untold possibilities, expanding our ability to experience joy on every level. Feng shui provides us with a prism, through which we can gain clarity on our place in this process so that we can relax and go with the flow with our hand firmly on the rudder. Not floating aimlessly, but moving gently forward, easily and effortlessly on our journey through life.

This is an experiential workshop where we tune into our living spaces, really noticing the areas where it needs improvement and the areas where it glows – enhancing what is working and mitigating for what is not.

You will need to bring along your floorplan, coloured pencils, pencil, ruler, eraser and notepad for taking notes. Comprehensive notes given on the day.

I will provide light refreshments, there are ample choices for lunch in the immediate area.

Date:- Saturday 1st October

Time: 10am to 6pm

Venue:- River Holistic Centre, Main Street, Raheny, Dublin 5

Your investment: €90

Early bird:- Book and Pay by 1st September €81