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Colette Duffy

Colette Duffy

Energy Healing – Reiki & Secheim Intuitive Healer, Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Mindfulness advocate.

Colette Duffy is an Energy Healer, a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist (specialising in hormonal, menstrual health & gut health), & also works as a part time teacher of Home Economics in a vibrant North Dublin school.  She currently works with clients online, offering one-to-one nutritional consultations.  She offers bespoke, tailor made nutritional & lifestyle plans for each of her clients.  She is passionate about integrating her love for nutrition & her energy healing work with her clients.  Her passion is to empower women on how their bodies are designed to really feel at a physical level but also mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Nutrition and Wellness are a big part of my life, and I have such passion to share my knowledge & gifts with you. Because of my experience in the education system, I also developed a deep understanding of all the seasons of life – from the very young to the not so young and all the stages in between. Through my training & experience, I am able to communicate mindfully as I nourish and nurture your body & soul along your way. After all, it is only by walking a difficult journey yourself that you can really understand, reach out and help others…

Reiki & Secheim Intuitive healing 

Each Reiki healing session will differ & be unique to the client.  I will work with what your energy allows me to work with, & with what I am intuitively guided to work on during our sessions.  I may be guided to place my hands over different parts of the body during a session, but will always ask permission at the start or the healing.  I may also use crystals, sprays, incense etc. during our time together.  You will remain fully clothed on the plinth during your healing & will be covered with a blanket throughout.  As each session will differ, you may feel different sensations within your body, you may feel shifts happening physically e.g. tummy rumbles, coughing, you may get emotional… whatever comes up is exactly why you are there.  It is generally a sign that the healing energy is working through your body & you’re getting exactly what you need at that time.

Colette offers Reiki & Secheim Intuitive healing sessions on their own (1 hour), but also offers an integrated nutritional consultation, followed by a reiki healing session (2 hours).  

For more info visit: www.coletteduffynutrition.com 

Availability: Thursdays from 3pm.