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Cliodhna O’Carroll

Cliodhna O’Carroll

Cliodhna is a qualified 500 hour Hatha Vinyasa teacher, practicing and teaching in the North Dublin area.

Cliodhna has been practicing yoga since 2014 but came to yoga seriously when she was living in New York in 2016, which she remembers as a time when she felt disconnected from her body. She remembers countless examples of being “too busy” to take care of herself and meet her own needs. Cliodhna credits yoga with helping her to start coming back home to herself and her body. 

Cliodhna is now completing an Msc in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, which she draws from in her teaching style by creating an inclusive and safe space for all. She credits the gentle, invitational language in yoga as the catalyst for change in her own life and aims to incorporate this into her classes. As a teacher, her focus is on cultivating body awareness and body respect through classical Vinyasa Shapes. Cliodhna views Yoga as a radical, counter- cultural act of self – care in our busy lives. She truly believes in the power of Yoga and the breath to calm the nervous system and bring the body back into balance. She is HAES (Health At Every Size) aligned, meaning she operates with a weight neutral approach and aims to make her classes accessible and enjoyable for bodies of all shapes and sizes. Cliodhna has also completed a 50 hour trauma informed and incorporates trauma informed principles into her classes. 

Yoga Classes

This Embodied Flow class will focus on cultivating body awareness and body respect through somatic practices and some classical yoga shapes. Classes are suitable for beginner to intermediate level and we always begin some slow paced grounding work. Our focus is on listening to our own bodies and tuning into the sensations which are created by different shapes. We light candles and play background music to create a space where you can really drop in and relax. See you on the mat! 



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Classes run on Wednesday evenings at 8.15pm