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Christmas Cacao Pop Up

Christmas Cacao Pop Up

Christmas Cacao Pop Up! Nestle away from the madness and sip on a festive blend of Cacao 🎄

Come join Sarah to wipe 2019 away & release what no longer serves you and make space energetically for this brilliance that is 2020!

A Festive Blend of Cacao will be served 🎄

Cacao is a beautiful and incredible heart opening medicine & partner on your spiritual journey.

This Cacao (Chocolate – yes!), comes from the “Chocolate Shaman“ in Guatamala – Keith Wilson. Working with cacao brings many benefits including:

Opening your heart to give & receive love.

Diving deep into yourself, your spiritual practice & your healing.

Feelings of bliss, happiness, peace, joy & love.

Releasing old patterns, beliefs & blocks.

The Cacao Spirit works closely with those who partner with Cacao as a gentle guide & teacher on our spiritual journey. Mama Cacao works through gentle, loving guidance bringing us back to ourselves.

If you feel her calling, you can work with me to expand and open your beautiful heart!

During this ceremony, we will gather together in circle. We will drink a delicious cup of Cacao. I will explain the history briefly of Cacao & its spiritual & health benefits. I will lead you into a meditation to connect deeper to the cacao spirit & to within yourself. We will release the past year 2019 and call in all the beautiful intentions for 2010. You will have time to journey deep within your own healing – physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. We will connect & open our hearts together to bring you closer to your bliss.

Pre-Booking is essential as I will be preparing your cup of Cacao with love.

Things to be aware of:

  • Anti Depressants
  • Pregnant/Breast Feeding
  • Heart Conditions

(Cacao is safe for all of the above, but we can discuss a lower dosage, we can chat about this over phone or email).


The River Room

River Holistic Centre

27th December 19


Investment: €40

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