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Check-up from the neck up

Check-up from the neck up

Check-up from the neck up is a 4-week course to support your mental health and wellbeing.

This course is goal oriented; whereby you will have an ongoing opportunity to strengthen your current skill set along with further learning and an opportunity to practise between classes.

The course will address the most common pitfalls found in thoughts and behaviours which have been linked to the leading causes of poor mental health.

We will work together in a group setting, where individual can gain further knowledge from other group members through either their experience and question that arise.

Due to the high level of content to be covered, it would be advised that you bring a notebook.

This course is offered to the public, who have an interest in their mental health and wellbeing.

For those who may have a greater concern around your mental health, it would be more appropriate to attend individual therapy.

This is a 4-week programme that will allow you to become better equipped to:

• Deal with the stress and strains found in everyday life

• Recognise the paths that lead to heighten anxiety

• Identifying what brings you fulfilment and wellbeing.

Because Ignoring one’s mental health is not the same as having mental health.

Make 2018 Your Year

Date: Fridays from February 9th – March 2nd
Time: 8 – 9pm
Cost: €80.00

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