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Chakra Workshop

Chakra Workshop

Chakra Workshop

Why not give yourself some timeout for you

A 2 hour workshop working thru the chakras together creating strength , nurturing and stillness  within.

Through  yin yoga and meditation, aura soma colour therapy Charkra set ,and some journaling


Date : 25th November from 2. 00 – 4.00 pm Price is 30 euro.

The workshop beings with :-

  • some journaling and self reflection,
  • move onto some breath work to open the body,
  • some yoga to move and expand the body and release anything that needs to release so you can bring in new ideas, new concepts in clearing the charkas and bringing body and mind to  balance
  • We will complete the day with some yoga nidra to bring about stillness within.

It will be very empowering for yourself.

Please bring along notebook, pen and some water  

Guaranteed positive fulfilling workshop.

I have worked with alternative therapies for the last 20 years and what I bring to the workshop is my own personal experience and the tools you may use daily or weekly, working through yoga and the breath and meditation as well as Aura Soma “ You are the colour you choose” which is both wonderful and a healing experience.  So why not allow yourself to pamper and explore your own needs and allow the journey to begin.