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Cathy Addis

Cathy Addis

Cathy Addis is an advanced yoga teacher both online and in yoga studios in the Dublin suburbs of Raheny & Malahide. She is also the course facilitator of the Elemental Yoga Course, a Reiki Master, a Cacao practitioner and a fine art painter.

“Healing is about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are”

Cathy’s motivation for helping others on their healing journey is both personal and interpersonal. Having been on her own healing journey she now facilitates embodied yoga practices, sacred ceremonies and energy healings to help clients tap into their own healing, creativity, intuition and sovereignty.

Cathy has a background as a professional fine art painter, group facilitator and energy worker and she uses these practices to facilitate healing in a way that is calming, nurturing, creative and authentic.

With her calm voice and authentic presence, she makes sure to make everyone feel welcome whether that be through a yoga class, one to one healing, workshop or her Elemental course

Reiki is a complementary therapy that uses energy to help to support healing. It is non-invasive, relaxing and intuitive. 

Reiki healing is perfect for those who… 

  • Have mild depression
  • Lack clarity
  • Are going through a time of grief
  • Are looking for something new 
  • Have confusion or feelings of numbness
  • Are unable to connect with their emotions
  • Are feeling stressed and anxious

Kind words

“My Reiki sessions with Cathy have been eye-opening. At first, I did not know what to expect and went into the sessions with an open mind, this is important to the process. The sensations I felt during the sessions were incredible, while also feeling a real sense of peace and calm. After the sessions, I felt really positive, recharged and fresh. I also felt more open to the changes I know I needed to make in my life. The benefits continued for the days to follow, I slept so much better, something I generally struggle with and my energy levels were up. I will definitely be back and curious to learn more about the process”. Denise