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Candle-Lit Yin Yoga

Candle-Lit Yin Yoga

Candle-Lit Yin Yoga


Take a breather and enjoy a candlelight Yin Yoga class with Kaye.
Yin Yoga is a very slow paced class where we hold the poses for 2-10 mins and let the body surrender without forcing or pulling. Yin Yoga is where we surrender into poses and take a few breaths exploring the pose for longer periods of time in order to let go of tensions stored in the body and to calm the nervous system.

Yin Yoga is very effective at healing the body because it brings pressure to these non-contractile tissues and allows them to be slowly stressed and safely stretched to accommodate a more balanced feeling, physically and energetically in the body.

Allow yourself to breathe, surrender and heal.



4 week term :

€55 for the 4 week Term

Drop in: €15

For more info or reserve your space please contact:

Kaye 0838517915

Reception 018310888


When: Friday 6.30pm –The River Room, River Holistic Centre, Raheny.