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Business and Leadership Article

Business and Leadership Article

Reflexologist Claire Kenny is opening the River Holistic Centre in Raheny in Dublin in a building which was originally a Garda station.

Officially launching on 14 September, the therapists based at the centre will provide classes and one-to-one sessions in all things holistic including kids’ yoga, adults’ yoga, massage, reflexology, homeopathy, nutrition and hypnobirthing.

“I have been a therapist for the past 12 years and have loved every minute of it.  I specialise in fertility reflexology, but love all my therapies.  I have a true passion about helping people feel well and happy within their own skin,” said Kenny.

“The reason I wanted to open the River Holistic Centre is so that clients can go to one place to get well, rather than run around the city to make different appointments with a lot of different therapists, which can add stress to their situation.

“I’ve worked really hard finding and securing the best holistic therapists and there are over 25 therapies on offer. All the therapists are self employed – what I try and do for them is create a safe, ethical and professional space for them to run their own clinics, which includes website, social media and in-house referrals.”

The launch on Saturday will feature talks and presentations from the therapists as demonstrations and treatments.

“The centre is in the old Garda station in Raheny, built in the 1800s. I have been able to maintain a lot of the original features like fire places, flooring and windows,” said Kenny.

“There is no funding as of yet, I am hopefully looking to employ someone in the next six months, so I will hopefully be going to the Dublin City Enterprise Board for proposed funding.  I have borne all the initial start-up costs myself.”