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Breathing Space/ Feng Shui

Breathing Space/ Feng Shui

Breathing Space An 8 week programme

Time out from the busy-ness of our week for some breathing space to contemplate what changes we can implement in our environment to support ourselves on our journey through life.
In these 8 weeks we will

• explore how to synchronise the energy our living space with our life goals

• Discover how to encompass 5 elements in interior design, to balance the flow of energy in your space

• feng shui – discover how each area of our homes has an energetic connection to every area of our lives – life-path, relationships, creativity, abundance etc.

• Space clearing – spring cleaning the energy of our homes – utilising simple techniques to uplift the atmosphere/essence of each space so that it works with our energy, uplifting us every day

• Learn about the energy of colour, how it affects us mentally, emotionally and physically. Using colour with intention to balance and enhance the energy of our outer skin – our home.

• Give our homes a complete health check, working with analysing which elements may be dragging our energy down and eliminating and mitigating for these.

• Experiencing your home as a living, breathing space.

Covering healthy homes, 5 elements, feng shui, space clearing and the use of colour to de-stress, energise and optimise both the energy of your home and consequently your own personal energy.

Gift yourself this time and space to view your home and life from a whole new perspective!
With Edel Cleary – Interior Designer, Feng Shui Practitioner and Colour Consultant

Monday Evenings from the 9th of Feb 2015 7.30pm to 9.30pm


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Contact Edel. 086-2719292 / edel@fengshuidesign.ie

This was one of the best classes I ever did and I will be sorry that it’s over. Even though we covered a huge amount in the 8 weeks I feel we only scratched the surface and I would welcome a follow on course. Thoroughly enjoyable and well worth doing”
Below are comments from previous participants who have taken the 8 week course:-

Thank you for a very enlightening few weeks. Looking forward to making some home improvements!” M M., Dublin 14

Thank you for a very comprehensive, interesting and exciting course – you made the subject come alive” C. F. Dublin 15

Thank you Edel for a very enjoyable course – you put a lot into it and the notes are great – you made the subject very easy to understand. You covered a huge amount in the past 8 weeks” M. C. Dublin 9

” I was very pleased with the amount of topics covered, and with the course overall. I thought the notes were very well thought out and easy to follow” S. K. Dublin 5


“This course is filled with practical and actionable solutions for getting the energy in your home and life moving. Edel’s caring nature, combined with her wealth of knowledge in feng shui, interior design and aromatherapy provided a fantastic combination for creating an inspiring course. I have and will continue to highly recommend this course to everyone, and look forward to working with Edel again in the future.”