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Breathing Space – With Feng Shui Workshop

Breathing Space – With Feng Shui Workshop

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Breathing Space – with Feng Shui

A one day class on Saturday 12th September at River Holistic Centre Raheny

A Day of exploration into the connection between our energy and the energy of our living spaces – our outer skin. Exploring how the feng shui (energy flow through the built environment), colour and atmosphere/personality of our homes impacts us.

A gentle melting-in, providing practical and joyful ways to deepen our connection to our living spaces. In this class we will-


  • Learn about feng shui and how it is relevant to our modern lives
  • Learn how to create a dynamic balance of yin and yang elements in our homes
  • Learn how to best position furnishings for balance and optimum energy flow
  • Discover the negative impact clutter can have on our lives creating stagnation and lethargy in our lives and our bodies. Clearing clutter becomes a joy!
  • Discover how to encompass 5 elements into interior design, to balance the flow of energy in your space
  • Learn how to apply feng shui to your individual floorplan – discover how each area of our homes has an energetic connection to every area of our lives – life-path, relationships, creativity, abundance etc.
  • Learn how to use mirrors, sound, lighting, water and symbolic objects to optimise the energy of our homes.
  • Learn about the energy of colour, how it affects us mentally, emotionally and physically. Using colour with intention to balance and enhance the energy of our outer skin – our home.
  • Give our homes a complete health check, working with analysing which elements may be dragging our energy down and eliminating and mitigating for these.

Optimise both the energy of your home and consequently your own personal energy. Gift yourself this time and space to view your home and life from a whole new perspective!

  • Venue:- River Holistic Centre, Main Street Raheny
  • Participation fee:- €90  Time: 10am – 6pm
  • Early bird booking(book and pay before 15th August) €80
  • Contact:- edel@fengshuidesign.ie / 086-2719292