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Bowls and Bolsters Workshop

Bowls and Bolsters Workshop

During this ‘Bowls & Bolsters’ Restorative Yoga and Sound Healing Workshop we will bath in the contrast of both sound and silence, as we allow all layers of our being to move into a deep sense of harmony and relaxation.

Restorative yoga gives us the time to be still, to open and completely relax through resting in yogic postures with the support of a bolster. When we rest in these postures for extended periods of time (3-5 minutes) it gives us the opportunity to dive beneath the everyday thoughts, to navigate the journey inwards and finally to rest in a place of stillness within ourselves.

Sound healing using Himalayan or Tibetan Singing Bowls helps to relax and support our healing at a deep level. As the sound vibration and resonance from the bowls, gong and chimes absorb into our bodies and energy field, all layers of our being are gently guided into a state of homeostasis. In this workshop we will work with the bowls both on and off the body, as the vibration of the bowls connect with our chakras and promote a state of harmony and balance to enable the body to self heal.

We will finish this workshop with a long deep relaxation to support the physical, emotional and energetic healing process.


When: 1st of March 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Where: River Holistic Centre, Raheny

Cost: €30

Places will be limited to 14 people and must be pre-booked / pre-paid.

Bookings can be completed here: https://www.loveyourlife.ie/bowls-bolsters-workshop through contacting Laura on 085 8225450.