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Meet Gemma from Yoga Therapy Dublin

Meet Gemma from Yoga Therapy Dublin   My own experience I took my first yoga class at 18 years old during my leaving Cert year, and I will never forget how light I felt going home. I was hooked! I took classes casually for a few years but at 21 I suffered chr

10 Ways to Cope with Anxiety and Stress

10 Ways to cope with Anxiety and Stress We all have things that trigger feelings of anxiety and stress. Some are small and insignificant, such as being stuck in traffic, and others are life disrupters that turn our world upside down. The one thing that's certain is

Exercise and Postnatal Depression

Would-be moms, take note: Exercise reduces postnatal depression in new mommies Exercises like stretching, breathing, aerobics, pilates and yoga can reduce risk of postnatal depression among new mothers, says a new study. Exercise is beneficial for pregnant women and, as

Bergamot your new BFF

Healing with Bergamot Bergamot is valued for its uplifting aroma and stimulating properties. Refreshing Bergamot oil is extracted from the almost ripe citrus fruit of the bergamot tree.  It's fruity, citrus scent with delicate, woody undertones has made it a valued oil

The Essence of Home-Feng Shui Workshop

The Essence of Home

The Essence of Home THE ESSENCE OF HOME – Feng shui, space clearing and essential oils to cleanse and uplift the energy of your home. 1st July 2017 The essence of feng shui is in creating a sense of connection to your living space, giving it a greater sense of “hom

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Pregnancy Yoga With Sarah My Classes always start with a 5-8 minute Pranayama exercise focusing on connecting with their bodies, their babies. Three part breath Straw breath Alternative Nostril Breath Square Breath Cooling Breath etc. Asana I woul

June Newsletter

Hello June   How excited are we at River Holistic...........June has most certainly arrived in all it's glory. It feels like a re-birth for our amazing clinic. We are going to open the doors to our new space, The River Room, which means the arrival of new thera

Do you struggle to sit still in meditations?

Firstly three important questions Q.1 Do you struggle to sit still in meditations? Q.2 Would you like to experience meditation that involves dancing, shaking and moving the body? Q.3 Would you like to try and experience a variety of meditations? If YES come j

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Kundalini Yoga is a yoga practice different from a regular flow class and most other styles of yoga. There are specific sets of exercises within the practice that work on moving and harnessing the energy within the body. To do this we use a combinati

Aspects of Hypnoanalysis

Aspects of Hypnoanalysis Posted on May 29, 2017 by Ruth Allen Hypnoanalysis is a regression therapy. The idea is that we seek to find and remove the root cause of the anxiety or emotional state associated with a traumatic event from the past – usually from chi