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New to the Clinic: Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology Imagine that deeply calming and satisfying feeling that you get in your body after an intense workout, where your mind and cells hums with contentment. Now transfer that feeling to your face! The first benefit of Facial Reflexology (which includes deep

New Pregnancy Yoga Class

Prenatal Dru yoga Prenatal Dru yoga is a graceful and gentle form of flowing yogic movements, directed breathing, visualisation and meditation. With its foundations set firmly in ancient yogic tradition, DRU works on body, mind and spirit- improving strength and flexib

Antacids and Reflux an Osteopaths Approach

Antacids and Reflux By: Neil Rooney Osteopath There is a gaping big hole in the theory that taking antacid tablets will combat acid reflux or oesophageal reflux. When you look at the mechanism behind the compounds involves you will see that there is a contradictory affec

Mothers Day

You know that it is Mothers Day soon right? Well why not give her the gift of an hour for herself while you clean the house, occupy the kids, make the dinner, do a load of washing, do the little odd jobs that have been on that list of yours for some time. Or just make he

Evening Meditation Class

Meditation Evening Classes. Relax, Breath and Unwind in a very special way. These Classes are designed to restore balance to the mind and body. You will learn how to tap into, your vast internal resources. Through Hypno-mediations, self hypnosis, progressive relaxation, m

The Two Week Wait and Stress

The Two Week Wait and Stress As a fertility and pregnancy reflexologist, the most common question I get asked from client’s trying to conceive is, “Does stress cause infertility?” Everyone wants to know the answer to this question, but as a therapist, there’s no e

The Essence of Home-Feng Shui Workshop

Aromatherapy for Insomnia

Aromatherapy for Insomnia and Difficulty Sleeping Insomnia can impact our well being and the quality of our lives. The frustration of not being able to get a good night's sleep can make the situation worse. Hectic lifestyles, stress, depression, physical illness and worki

Have a herbal Detox this spring

Have a herbal detox this spring.  Feel like a deep spring clean of your body? Cleavers (Galium aparine) could really help you. You might know this innocent looking plant as sticky-back, goosegrass or catchweed. All of these names are fitting, as it sticks to your clot

10 Reasons to Incorporate massage into your life

10 Reasons to Incorporate massage into your life When you think of massage, odds are you think of an hour of relaxation – a little “me” time. Massage certainly offers a great way to escape from the stresses of our everyday lives, but more and more studies are showin

Open Evening

We at River Holistic will be opening our doors to everyone on the 9th of December at 7pm. Come on in and meet the team, have a chat with the instructors about our new classes starting in the new year, talk to some of our therapists to help you find the right treatment f