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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Kundalini Yoga is a yoga practice different from a regular flow class and most other styles of yoga. There are specific sets of exercises within the practice that work on moving and harnessing the energy within the body. To do this we use a combinati

Aspects of Hypnoanalysis

Aspects of Hypnoanalysis Posted on May 29, 2017 by Ruth Allen Hypnoanalysis is a regression therapy. The idea is that we seek to find and remove the root cause of the anxiety or emotional state associated with a traumatic event from the past – usually from chi

Yoga and Sacred Sound

Yoga and Sacred Sound This class will be a unique fusion of gentle yoga and sacred sound to support you in raising your vibrational energy, whilst nurturing and enabling your unique healing process.  When we work with chanting mantras, singing bowls, solfeggio tones an

5 easy and effective ways to know your most fertile days in the month

5 easy and effective ways to know your most fertile days in the month   If you’re trying to conceive, knowing when you are most fertile during the month is something all women should know. I have spent a lot of time studying the best times to get pregnant. I’

The Antidote to Fear

The Antidote to Fear Whether you’re scared of change, success or failure... it’s worth remembering that fear is a universal experience. The problem is that most people see fear as a sign of weakness. Yet it’s a natural human response to pushing yourself ou

Homeopathy for colds and flu

Homeopathy for Colds, Coughs and Flu If you don’t fancy another few months of antibiotics and cough medicines, why not try some of the following Homeopathic remedies: Colds and Flu Aconite 30c - No. 1 Remedy for nipping colds in the bud. Useful in the early stages of

Reach for the Sky

3 Easy but effective exercises to de-stress at your desk in under a minute.   Below are ways to alleviate anxiety at work—all of which are inconspicuous enough to do at your desk when you need to take a quick mindfulness break. 1. Just breathe Just sit up ta

What’s the one thing that is stopping you from practicing in Reflexology?

What's the one thing that is stopping you from practicing in Reflexology? CONFIDENCE This two day Refresher Reflexology workshop is designed to give you the confidence to go out and be the therapist that you started out to be.  If like so many, life took hold and stoppe

May Newsletter

Welcome to the May edition of our Newsletter. Hello, Hard to believe we are getting close to our 4th Birthday.  Some of you have been here since I had a little dream of opening a Holistic Centre, some of you I have had the pleasure working with on this incredible journ

So why choose us?

So Why Choose River Holistic?   River Holistic Centre thrives in the heart of Raheny village, connected by close dart and regular bus services from town and across the city.  Appointments can be made by phone with our therapists through our reception desk.  A