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Wellness Workshop with The Green Queens

JOIN US FOR OUR NEXT WELLNESS WORKSHOP Sunday 24th March,    The River Room, River Holistic, Raheny. 10:30am – 4:30pm Hosted By: Deirdre O’Byrne: PhD in Plant Medicines Sharon Quinn: Expert in plant-based lifestyle Annmarie Burke:

Foam Rolling Class

This is a one off class where you will learn all the best "do's and don'ts" when it comes to foam rolling. Foam Rolling is widely know to be very effective and used to prevent, treat and preempt injury related to exercise. If you run, cycle, swim, walk, gym, or go to c

We are hiring

WE'RE HIRING!!! Front Desk Staff River Holistic is a very busy Holistic Centre based in Raheny, offering a vast array of Alternative and Complementary health therapies and multiple weekly classes in yoga, pilates, meditation and Mindfulness to name a few. We are looking for

healing day with angels and spirit

Healing Day with the Angels and Spirit

HEALING DAY WITH ANGELS & SPIRIT SUNDAY APRIL 7TH10:00 – 17:00AT THE RIVER ROOM, RIVER HOLISTIC, RAHENYPRICE €120 You true Self, You as Soul is there deep within, unheard, unseen, unfelt, buried beneath layers of veils.  The physical body with its

Essential oils : The best stress relievers

Essential Oils: The Best Stress Relievers   Essential Oils became one of the trending ways on how a person can easily relieve from stress. They are frequently used for aromatherapy which is a popular complementary therapy since it can stimulate emotional respons

New Art Therapy Workshop – The shape of love

Marilena is coming over to Ireland in March to introduce you all to her beautiful way of teaching you how to express yourself through art. Spaces are limited to 10 to ensure that you get the space and attention you need to fully express your true beauty and happiness on t

The perfect course to get you back to what you love.

Refresher Holistic Massage Workshop Therapist Refresher Courses in Holistic Massage Re-fresher days are ideal for: - Therapist’s who have not used their skills for a while, career break, starting a family - Professionals who want to brush up on their existing

New workshop for January

Aisling is back in January for another beautiful training course. Just go to our workshop page to find out more. 🙌 Claire New Moon amplified by a Solar Eclipse for New Energetic Beginnings on the first weekend of our Yin Yoga Teacher Training! January 5-6 The Moon G

The therapist business workshop

I have decided to bring back my Therapist business workshop on February 10th 2019. Come to this informal open workshop where I will answer all the questions that have been running around in your head about what is required for your soon to be thriving therapy business. As

lymph system help

some simple ways to help your lymph system

Your lymph system is a very important system in your body that is composed of tissues and fluids that run throughout your entire body (much like your circulation system). However, your lymph system does not have the help of your heart to keep things pumping and moving throug