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Bealtaine Circle

Bealtaine Circle

Connected to everything, attached to nothing.

Join us for our Bealtaine Circle where we will be connecting with the energies of the red, white and pink rose to anchor and amplify divine harmony, union and wholeness within & without.

This beautiful ceremony will be about deeply connected with your whole self, uniting the masculine and feminine within and igniting your inner fire and flame to illuminate your path forward as we move into the light half of the year.
It will be a very healing, nurturing and nourishing circle with gentle movement, embodiment practices and journeying deep within. Sacred oils, sound and angelic healing will all be interwoven within the space too.

If you have any questions or queries – you can contact here @ thewhollygrail1111@gmail.com or Instagram thewhollygrail

BOOKING LINK: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/thewhollygrail/689104 

Looking forward to seeing you there
In love, always,