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Back and Soul Yoga

Back and Soul Yoga



Mondays 8-9pm (No class on the bank holiday)

12-week-term = €150

6-week term = €80

4-week term = €55

Drop in: €15

Understanding the importance of posture and alignment. You will learn basic movements to have a healthy back.
Releasing tension from lower to upper back with a strong foundation. The importance of grounding.
Exploring breathing techniques to release upper body tension while we hold gentle backbends.
Expanding from chest to back with slow movements connecting with our heart and crown chakras.
What’s included during the course?

Breathing techniques to relax body and mind.
Yoga postures focused on gentle spinal therapeutic movements.
Meditation and mindfulness exercises.
 Online follow up – Every student will receive communications via email with advice about their practice and tips to continue the therapeutic effects of yoga at home.

 Adjustments and gentle shoulder massage to help releasing tension during relaxing poses.
 Yoga reading and discussion about the topic of the week (After 9pm).

Secure your place with a 50% deposit.
Call Reception 018310888 or Lady on 0831651757
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