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August Full Moon

August Full Moon

Sturgeon Full Moon on the 22nd of August.

Another full moon in Aquarius! The July full moon is also in Aquarius, so this is the second in a row. That usually means the two Moons are linked, and what was focused on around the first one in July is again focused on with this second one in August. It may be that something started in July and finishes in August, or we get an idea of things in July and see culminations in August. This can be the best time for culminations and results, and this may focus on change, the future, our dreams, or the masses. We may gain independence, make strides with innovation, or realize invention and it’s going to bring positivity our way.


Water Ritual:

• Take two cups, one with water, one without.

• On the cup with water, pop a post-it note saying what you want to release.

• On the empty cup, pop a post-it note saying what you want to embody and welcome.

• Take the cup with water, and say thank you for the lessons and what you’re being shown to release. Then pour the water into the other cup.

• Visualize yourself becoming all you want to be and drink the water.

Smoke and Sage Ritual:

When doing a full Moon ritual, you will need very simple tools, your sage and or palo santo wood, your shell and stand, a bowl of water, a candle and three pieces of blank paper to write down three things you want to let go of.

Make sure you are doing this in a comfortable space and somewhere that is safe to burn your sage or palo santo wood. Remember to open the window in the room you are in, so the negative can leave your home.

Write down 1 thing you want to let go of on each piece of paper and fold them up.Light your candle and place beside the bowl of water.

Choose 1 piece of paper at a time and set your intention to let this go from your life, take a deep breath and light it from the candle, then place in the water.

Do this for each thing you want to let go of and each time setting your intention.

Once all three things have been released from their hold on you, light your sage and smudge your head and heart and direct it out the window.

This is such a simple technique that you can do anytime you feel a little overwhelmed.

Let’s all release and welcome this full moon.



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