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The art of gentle practice and unwinding

The art of gentle practice and unwinding


The Art of Gentle practice – The New Modern Yoga

The journey of each yogi into yoga begins for is very special. For many, yoga provides that relief from physical, mental, emotional pain or otherwise.

I am a very long-time yoga practioner and was trained by some of Ireland most senior Yoga teachers. My ultimate yoga journey always leads me to create a yoga practice accessible to anyone, regardless of age. That is why I have introduced that most popular class at the studio called the Art of Gentle Practice. It is New, it is Modern and it has allowed the most insecure individual to walk into that class and be at ease with his/her own practice.

I am going to fool you with the name ‘Gentle Practice’! This is not a necessarily easy practice, though completely suitable for beginners. It’s all about each yogi’s relationship with his/her own practice… Namasté!

Also, this class has regular long-term students who have continuously enjoyed the benefits of a Gentle Practice. It welcomes anyone who is looking forward to join us as a beginner or has had experience practicing yoga!

Investment= 6 classes @ €90.00

Book through Reception of the River Holistic or call Joanita on 0860826886