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The Art of Crystals

The Art of Crystals

The Art of Crystals Level 1

Learn how to work with the amazing healing and transformative qualities of crystals. This most natural healing art form encourages balance, health and wellness in all areas of life.

NO previous knowledge of training is needed to attend.

Do you have crystals and not know what to do with them? Do you wonder what your crystals mean? Would you like to learn how to balance your own energy?
This course is ideal for the curious beginner and for those with previous experience. I will teach you how to choose and work with the right crystals for YOU, how to intuitively tap into the wealth of healing knowledge of the mineral kingdom.

Level 1
How to detect energy imbalances
How to perform various methods of chakra balancing
How to dowse correctly
How to create crystal grids
How to choose the right crystals for you
How to clear, programme and activate crystals
Specific layouts for wellbeing, confidence, angelic connection
How to use crystal wands
And lots more. Content may vary on the day depending on guidance.
Level 1 is a fully-immersive one day workshop.

Certificate of completion and fully comprehensive manual provided.
£90 / 95 euros
A non-refundable deposit of £30 is required to book your place. The balance to be paid in full before the course date.
Payment info: You can pay over the phone by calling Ruth on 00 447545 47 48 78. Paypal send to ruth@ruthpringle.co.uk. Website booking: www.ruthpringle.co.uk