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Aoife Synnott

Aoife Synnott


My name is Aoife Synnott and I’m a qualified ‘Kids Yoga’ Teacher having trained with the Elbowroom (certified via Yoga Alliance UK). I’ve set up Patch Yoga with the vision of creating a safe and encouraging space for children to learn how to support their bodies and well-being through fun and imagination.

The world can be chaotic, even for the little ones. At Patch Yoga, my goal is to teach children to develop simple and effective techniques to focus, without distraction, on their mind and body. 

Through my own yoga practice, I felt there was a huge need for children to learn ways in which they can support themselves. The classes I have created, ensure children nurture themselves through relaxation, feel strong and confident through physical movement and, access the power of their breath through breathing exercises. All techniques learnt in class can translate naturally into their daily lives.

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