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Aoife McDermot

Aoife McDermot

Aoife discovered yoga while undertaking her doctorate studies, initially to manage stress levels and anxiety, but found herself using the practice to heal and manage pain from a spinal injury. Since then, her practice has slowly crept into all aspects of her life, connecting her mind to body, body to breath, breath to each momentary experience.

Her physical practice evolved into a slow, embodied movement, bringing awareness and attention to subtle body energetics, completely transforming the way she moves through her life. By stepping on the mat each day, her practice cultivated acceptance, patience and mindful awareness of her thoughts and body, allowing her to develop a fundamental “yogic toolbox” of techniques that have and can be applied effortlessly to the busy and distracting world that we live in. 

After finishing her doctorate, she completed a 200 RYS Yoga teacher training, focused on Hatha yoga, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and meditation practices, with the intention to learn how to share the magic she has found through yoga with as many souls as possible. With plans to further her training in the practice of Yin yoga, in Kranti Yoga Ashram in India later this year, Aoife hopes to be able to implement the beautiful balance of both Yin and Yang to her classes.

Classes weave grounding, stabilizing  and strengthening postures with lightness, buoyancy and ease, focusing on soft subtle awareness and connecting body to breath. By incorporating traditional yoga philosophy, her own understandings of modern day-to-day obstacles and experiences into her teachings, each class aims to bring  awareness and understanding of one’s own body and food for thought,  providing more than just physical asana. By experiencing each teaching physically during practice, Aoife hopes that the knowledge ripples off the mat and into your uniqe life experiences.

Aoife is delighted to offer classes at the River Holistic Center, suitable for all levels. Providing a safe space for each student to arrive on the mat fully, inviting acceptance of the subtle changes in the body and the mind that differ from day-to-day.

 For more information on classes please contact River Holistic Center on 018310888 or email draiochtyoga@gmail.com.

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