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Aoife Byrne

Aoife Byrne

I’m Aoife Byrne – I teach hatha and vinyasa style yoga.

I first experienced yoga when I was a teenager, feeling stressed about the Junior Cert (which is hard to imagine now!) my mam suggested I try it out. I went with a few friends and we giggled our way through that first class! I instantly knew yoga was for me, but I only took classes here and there for years, never really developing a regular practice until after I left college. Even still, while studying my ‘sensible’ engineering degree I dreamt of becoming a yoga teacher…one day!

As someone who has been perfectionist, throughout school, college and my corporate working life, I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself to achieve impossibly high standards. This ultimately led me to feeling overwhelmed and stressed, that I’m never good enough or that I’m doing it all wrong! I know so many people have a similar experience, and the modern world we live in perpetuates this with easy ways to compare ourselves to our peers, who always seem to be ‘ahead’.

This is where yoga has helped my so significantly, my practice creates space for me slow down and calm the internal chatter of what I should be doing or where I should be in life. It has helped me work through the stress and tension that builds up over the years creating stiffness and stagnation in the body.

I teach my classes with this in mind – to help people tune inward and reconnect with themselves, to practice presence and detach from the expectations and pressures we place on ourselves. Using the physical practice of yoga poses to release tension and tightness, breathwork to breathe space into the body where it is most needed and meditation to connect with the present moment and our true being.

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 email aoife@undertheavotree.com or 0852158557.

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