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Sound healing is an ancient therapy that uses consciously the energy of the sound in order to raise, expand and grow the health and consciousness of beings.

In the whole universe (stars, planets, human beings, animals, plants, stones…) emit a sound or vibration. The original state of that vibration is harmony. When we break this harmony the vibration becomes unhealthy and our body, emotions, life become out of balance. In order to recover the harmony and balance we can use sound healing therapy. 

In my therapy I only use harmonic musical instruments (crystal singing bowls, Greek lyre, native flute, chimes…). I work in 432 hz frequency which is known to have a special effect of increasing the health and consciousness in human beings. Around 70 percent of the human body and our planet is water. Water is the most important element for life and it also has a vibrational memory. When this vibration is in harmony the water creates one healthy structure but when the vibration is not in harmony a chaotic structure is created.

I practice this ancient knowledge in order to balance the natural vibration and harmony of the body and mind. This therapy can help you to develop your concentration (meditation), improve your health and balance your energetic body (chakras, aura).

During the sound healing session you will be lying for 1 hour. Blankets and pillows are available in the room however I recommend that you bring your own blankets and pillow to feel even more cosy, warm and comfortable during the session. It is recommended not to eat heavy food at least 2 hours before the therapy. Bring water to drink it during and after the therapy. 

Please note this workshop is not suitable for people with a pacemaker or for those in the first trimester of pregnancy.


When: 8th March 8:30pm to 9:30pm

Where: River Holistic, Raheny

Investment: €16

Bookings: Call 0861067100 or reception 018310888

To secure your place payment must be made in advanced. Limited places.