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Alison Mc Evoy

Alison Mc Evoy

About Alison

Owner @ Restorative Healing Arts & Yoga Nidra Dublin

Co-editor @ Positive Life Magazine

I began yoga in my early teens, in the local parish hall, over sixteen years ago. Instinctively, I recognized the balance which my yoga practice gifted me with; bringing my out of my head/intellect/anxieties and into my body/sense of self/wholeness and ease in being. I’ve been teaching for the last six years and specialize in deep relaxation ~ Yoga Nidra.

I dedicate my classes and therapies to what I call entering ‘A room with a view’. This is entering spaciousness of mind from the matters of life. It is the gift of yoga, meditation and many holistic therapies to help us to find this space. From this space, we reconnect with who we really are, with what we really feel, with the natural health and vitality of our bodies and the joy and love of our hearts. We see the way forward more clearly.


  • Hons B.A English Literature and Philosophy (2005-9), TCD
  • Satyananda Yoga Teacher training (2009-11), Mandala Yoga Ashram, Wales, UK
  • Pregnancy Yoga training (2015), The Elbowroom, Dublin
  • Womb Yoga training (2015), Uma Dinsmore, UK
  • I am currently entering my second year of a Diploma in Ayurvedic Studies (2016-8) Satmya, Co. Clare
Alison Mc Evoy
Owner, Restorative Healing Arts | Yoga Nidra Dublin