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Aifric Tree

Aifric Tree

My name is Aifric Tree and I am a holistic therapist. I focus on incorporating Metta ~ loving kindness into all of my treatments. I work with the body as a whole, finding the roots of postural issues.In 2018 I obtained ITEC qualifications in

Holistic massage

•Facial Reflexology


  • Reiki
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Onsite massage

I traveled India and Nepal in 2019 where I did Yoga Teacher Training, studied Emotional Anatomy and learnt how to work with the Myofasial.

In all of my treatments I constantly adapt to the specific needs of the individual, incorporating techniques from different practices, and using integration methods to allow the treatment to have deep and long lasting effects.

Aftercare includes specific yoga recommendations, breath work techniques and guidance to live a more holistic life.