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Adrienne Brady

Adrienne Brady

As a fully qualified holistic massage therapist for almost 15 years, I have learned that taking a
comprehensive holistic approach to health and wellbeing helps us to deal with the anxieties and
stresses that we all experience daily. Taking care of the mind and body and allowing it to repair and
heal when it needs to, is important for good overall health. Massage by an experienced therapist can
act as a therapeutic aid to tired and sore muscles or equally to encourage rest and relaxation for the
mind and body.
With a background of 30 years in commercial business, I have always been passionate about holistic
therapies, balanced diet and nutrition and natural healing. I have experienced and witnessed the
positive benefits this can offer. Taking the time to incorporate my learnings and experience into my
life and educating those around me is second nature to me. Over the past few years, I have been
lucky to be able to commit to holistic therapy full time while furthering my education in the caring
profession. I am a member of IMTA (the Irish Massage Therapists Association), so I am fully insured
and can provide you with receipts for your health insurance for any of the massage treatments
below. In River House, I enjoy being able to offer my clients a comfortable, warm, and safe space
where they can be totally at ease to relax and unwind with any of the following treatments:

 Full body Holistic massage: 1hr / 90 mins / 2 hr

 Back, Neck and Shoulders: 45 mins
Relaxing, or deep tissue massage

 Back, Neck and Shoulders with Facial massage: 1 hr
Enjoy a relaxing or deep tissue massage with the added benefit of facial massage, which can provide
sinus relief and help soften fine lines while rejuvenating the facial muscles

 Indian Head Massage: 45mins
Gives relief from headaches & migraines…. promotes hair growth…. stimulates lymphatic drainage….
encourages relaxation of the muscles in the head, neck and shoulders… renews energy levels

Indian Head with Facial massage: 1hr
All the benefits of an Indian head massage complimented with a wonderful stimulating yet relaxing
facial massage. As muscle tension in the face fades away, stress is alleviated while promoting
psychological relaxation. This beautiful treatment increases circulation and stimulates the lymphatic
system, improves elasticity and stimulates collagen production. It also helps to soften fine lines and
wrinkles while rejuvenating the facial muscles

To make an appointment, contact the clinic or contact me directly on 086 387 2331.
email abholistic@gmail.com or find me on Facebook Amber holistic health and wellness