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Access Bars ~ Taster Sessions

Access Bars ~ Taster Sessions

Are you ready to receive the greatness of you?
Access Bars is a gentle yet potent energy healing modality that invites you to receive your gifts and the abundance of the universe more fully.
The Bars are a set of 32 points on the head, similar to meridian points, and when lightly touched during a session they stimulate positive change in the brain.
This gentle, non-invasive technique works on releasing both physical and mental blocks stored within the body and helps to facilitate greater ease in all different areas of life. The Bars are incredibly effective in helping with the following (and more!):
 Greater mental clarity and reduced anxiety and stress
 Enhanced motivation
 Improved sleep
 Reduction in mood swings
 Coping well with grief
 Significant increase in feelings of joy, happiness, gratitude, kindness and peace

I’m thrilled to be offering Access Bars taster sessions at the special introductory price of €30 for a half hour session on Sunday 16 August from 10am – 5pm.
Please do drop me a line at eimear.rigby@gmail.com to book in or to ask any questions that you might have. You can also find out more at www.saorhealing.com

About Me
I’ve always been aware that there is more available to us…. more joy, more contentment, more fun, more LIFE! But for years, I wasn’t quite sure how to tap into it. When I discovered meditation, my world shifted and I gratefully received a whole new perspective on living.
I am now a Theta Healing practitioner, Access Bars and Access Body Process facilitator, meditation teacher, and Co-Founder at The Pink Moon Collective.
My aim is to be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of others. I believe that when we connect deeply with ourselves, without judgement, we can uncover the unique jewel that lies at our centre and bring it as a gift to the world.

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