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Abundance/Money Block

Abundance/Money Block

Do you make money and spend it as quick?

Do you feel like there is not enough in the world?

Have you been brought up with the belief that there is not enough money, or money doesn’t grow on trees?

How about I could tell you that there is more than enough.

There is an abundance of money, energy, love, balance and freedom in the world.

Sarah is an intuitive energy healer that can tune into your energy and assess what exactly your blocks are around Money!

Join Sarah for this full day workshop clearing money blocks, calling in abundance, calling in support – financially, spiritually and physically.
Sarah will discuss the law of attraction and abundance in detail!! Calling in the angels and your team of spiritual support to help!

Location:River Room,River Holistic Centre, Raheny D5.

Date: 11th October 2020 10-5pm

Cost: €97

This can be attended during your Reiki Mastership programme to call in your clients, students and support!!❤️
Book online www.namastewellnesscentre.ie/hire-us

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