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9 Star ki – Your Astrological Companion To Feng Shui

9 Star ki – Your Astrological Companion To Feng Shui

9 Star ki – Your Astrological Companion To Feng Shui


Discover your own personal energy signature and how best to support yourself in your home.

9 Star ki, your astrological companion to feng shui

In this workshop your will learn:
*Your own personal energy signature; the elements that make up your , your character and your outer expression. The way in which your energy differs from, or integrates with, your partner, family or work colleagues.
*How your energy changes and evolves each year over a cycle of 9 years and how best to go with the flow of this movement.
*What does 2019 hold for your personal energy and how best to tap into that.
*The energy for your partner, friends, family and colleagues to better understand how we act and interact with each other based on our elemental signature.
*How to map this information onto your homes so that you develop a deep personal connection between your life and your home, your outer skin.

9 star ki dovetails with feng shui and allows us to understand the energy that lies behind the movement of energy to and through our lives. Feng Shui and 9 star ki recognise that life is simply energy in transformation – understanding the mechanism of this transformation enables us to enjoy a deeper and fuller, connection to this process in our lives.

Our energy moves and transforms each year over a cycle of 9 years, some years are more quiet and introverted and others more high energy and fast paced. Discover where you are on this wave of energy and how to go with the flow, and support yourself in this process of transformation and growth.

A journey of discovery into your inner and outer worlds and how best to infuse them with joy, abundance, health and happiness for every area of your life.

Date:- Saturday February 2nd 2019 Time:- 10am to 5pm
Venue:- River Holistic Centre Main Street Raheny, Tel: 01 8310888
Your Investment:- €90 (or book two places for €171)

BOOK DIRECT WITH RIVER HOLISTIC OR CONTACT EDEL 086 271 9292/ edel@fengshuidesign.ie