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9 Star Ki – Feng Shui Astrology Class

9 Star Ki – Feng Shui Astrology Class

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9 Star Ki – Feng Shui Astrology Class – Saturday 4th of February

With Edel Cleary—feng shui consultant and interior designer


An introduction to 9 Ki astrology—We look at how this system of numerology gives us insight into our potential energy and how best to harness and support this within our environment using feng shui. 9 star ki also helps us to tap into our potential energy as it changes each year over a cyle of 9 years.

What does the year ahead hold in store for you? Join us on the February 4th to find out!


“ Nine star ki astrology enables us to recognize our core strengths and challenges which lead us to think, act and respond the way we do”- ”with this increased self knowledge, feng shui recommendations become even more personal, dynamic and effective”-“we need to create an ideal physical environment to utilize our human resources and resourcefulness as best we can in order to accomplish true spiritual pursuit – mending the illusion of separation from the Divine” Robert Sachs author of Nine Star Ki – your astrological companion to Feng Shui.


Feng Shui deals primarily with space, 9 star ki deals with time.

Understanding your 9 star Ki astrology allows you to identify and access support for every area of your life which allows you to fulfil your destiny i.e. become enlightened. Your elemental energy signature forms the “matrix through which all our life experiences must pass in order to be processed or acted upon, learning to work with, understand and accept the strengths and weaknesses of the matrix, that is you – you can become master of your own destiny” Robert Sachs. The Tibetans call this information MEWA or birthmark, which is quite appropriate – you are born with it and it doesn’t go away.


Venue :- River Holistic Centre

Date:- Saturday 4th of February

Time:- 10am—1pm

Investment:- €50 incl. note pack and light refreshments

Please bring along:- pen and paper , your date of birth, the plan of your home and a sense of adventure!

Contact: Edel@fengshuidesign.ie / 086-2719292