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Yoga for Teens

Yoga for Teens

Yoga for Teenagers

Not quite adults yet but definitely not children, teenagers are complex, unique individuals with their own ideas, stresses, worries and potential. Starting October 2018, Teen  Yoga will be available in the River Holistic Centre, Raheny.

Teenagers are busy. They’re up against it with extra curricular ‘stuff’, exams, social life and social pressures. They are soulful, thoughtful, coming to their own conclusions and then second guessing their own desires, ideas and thoughts maybe in line with what others might think or say or maybe not.

With gentle guidance, yoga can become a metaphor for their teenage life. Strong body, strong mind. Confidence in yoga, confidence in self and life. Calm and stress free relaxation, calm and stress free approach to challenges. But fun too, let’s not forget fun.

Yoga helps strengthen the foundation for teenage development – developing minds, developing bodies and developing and individual superstars. Contact us now to book your class.

Teen Yoga

8 weeks starting 25th October @ 4.30pm

Investment: €100

Ages: 13 to 17 years

Min numbers apply.

Contact: Alison on 0851410750  or Reception on 018310888

Deposit required: €20