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Yoga for Sports

Yoga for Sports

Yoga for Sports

This is a vinyasa class primarily with some hatha influence. I have sequenced asanas to concentrate opening the hips and hamstrings whilst the body is in it’s optimum alignment. There will be an emphasis on using mula bandha (pelvic floor) and the core to build on inner strength. This can help promote healing and help prevent future injury. Participants in the past have fed back that they have noticed a reduction in run and cycle times.

Benefits of Yoga for Sports


1) Increases overall suppleness & flexibility

2) Improves joint mobility

3) Reduces risk of injury and assists injury rehabilitation

4) Effective active recovery in terms of soft tissue and collagen fibre rehabilitation

5) Brings the body back into correct alignment and improves posture

6) Reduces fatigue and the negative effects of being muscle-bound

7) Increases stride length

8) Enhances co-ordination and agility

9) Lowers resting heart rate and increases VO2 max


1) Reduces performance anxiety and stress

2) Quietens the mind

3) Improves focus and concentration

4) Develops determination and self-discipline

5) Helps athletes how to achieve flow and get in the zone

6) Teaches athletes how to use imagery and relaxation

7) Breath work is used to manage and control arousal levels

8) Supports athlete mental health and wellbeing

Team Benefits:

1) Improves team cohesion

2) Increases team motivation

3) Provides an opportunity for the team to unite outside of the demands of intense training

Thursday evening 8pm to 9pm

6 week course

Cost: €80

Drop in €17

Unwaged and students with valid ID €10

Booking is essential please follow links below to secure your space:
+353 (0) 86 056 2373