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Yin Yoga Training Level 2

Yin Yoga Training Level 2

Yin, The Doorway In
Level 2
40 Hour Yin & Meditation Teacher Training
with Ashling – Rise Spirit Soul

The fact is all yoga was ‘yin‘ at the beginning!

As was human evolution we descended into a more dense energy over eons
of time and became more yang in every aspect including our life and yoga
practice. Now is the time more than ever before to bring back balance,
but here not only do we find balance, we find a doorway in to meditation
and to the true self!

Yin is your doorway in!

A yin yoga practice can…

…balance a yang practice

…balance a yang life

…clear the monkey mind

…lead into a meditation practice

…clear energetic blockages

…help in physical recovery

…lubricate joints

…give gentle superficial stretch to tissue

…massage and energise organs

…release stuck emotions

…open hearts!

…bring connection to higher self!



…bring back balance!

Yin is Your Doorway In!

This training is delving deeper in to the healing and energetic aspects
of yoga, meditation and self!

Friday September 28th – Monday October 01st inclusive ~ 08:00 – 18:00

Friday April 26th – Monday the 29th 2019 ~ 8.00am to 18.00pm

PRICE: €600

Price Includes:

Teacher Training

Course Manuals

Certification with Yoga Alliance International India

more info: https://www.risespiritsoul.com/40-hr-yin-med-tt.php

Namaste, Ashling