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Yin Trilogy Series

Yin Trilogy Series


Yin Trilogy Series
River Room, Raheny

Saturday October 20th  Yin for an Open Heart
Saturday November 17th Yin for Happy Hips
Saturday December 1st Yin for Self-Care

€25 per session OR Special Offer: €60 for all 3 sessions

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
In today’s non-stop, high speed, chaotic world, Yin Yoga is a necessity to allow people to slow down, to surrender, to let go. Slowing everything down to focusing on holding one pose for a small period of time gives the body an opportunity to let go of tension and stress and begin the healing process in both body and mind. This is your time to stop, listen and really feel what is going on inside your body. Take time out just for you.

To reserve your space contact: Trish 086-1714054 / Reception 018310888

***€10 deposit required to secure your mat space***

All levels are welcome! No yoga experience necessary.

**Please ensure you wear something cozy and warm**