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Vinyasa Yoga With Eva

Vinyasa Yoga With Eva

Vinyasa Yoga With Eva

Vinyasa Yoga is the entry level class for all dynamic flow based classes at Priya Yoga. This class is recommended for those whose bodies are free from injury and who have a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of alignment within individual poses before embarking upon connecting one posture to another through breath and movement. Through sun salutations and working our way toward approachable apex postures, emphasis will be placed on ways of establishing steadiness, ease, moving energy and efficient use of the breath. Moving from one posture to another, often to music, this class is designed to relieve stress and connect yoga students with the authentic self in a way that brings more ease and vitality to everyday.

When: Tuesday 4th of July

Time: 6:30 – 7:30 pm


Drop in: €15

Package: 4 Classes: €50


Eva Csizmarik: 087-9635279